Imminent Institute of Theological Seminary


IITS Academy established in the year 2018 to serve the people who are left behind because of financial and other limitation.

We are sure you will find IITS' course as a silver lining amidst of have and have not imbalance.

What will you learn with IITS Academy?

  • Learn the fundamental theological studies which are mandatory for a better understanding & practice of overall Biblical and Historical Christian faith.

  • Acquire essential background knowledge to grasp the correct meaning, context, and the interpretation of the scripture.

  • Upscale yourself to use the right tools and methods to study the Bible in-depth and adequate training to preach & teach

  • Individual-book study to perceive the origin, purpose, mission and the vision of the Christian faith and its ultimate message to the world!

  • Further, learn about Church planting, Evangelism, Discipleship, Homiletics, Christian Apologetic course and many more.